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Photo Album

Welcome to our Photo Album Page. Here is where we would like to share a piece of our home and family with you. We will be adding more photos soon. Please do come back and check in with us for updates.


Santo's new ride


Lorenzo from Lorenzo's Ovens Catered our Corsoboel Fun Day!!!
You can contact Lorenzo @ www.Lorenzoovens.com 651.890.6991


Boo with his teddy


Long Day


Gratitude's Hainn, young prospect


Are you coming?


Do you smell that?


Lucy playing football with the boys


Gratitude's Allora at the CCAA Nationals 2007


Gratitude's Louis with handler Greg Schmidt
Best of Breed JR Puppy at the CCAA Regional Specialty 2006


Louis at the 2006 Cane Corso Nationals


Lanna at the 2006 Cane Corso Nationals


Mya and Lanna in Open Class 2006 Cane Corso Nationals


Lanna and her pups


Santo getting a drink off the sprinkler


The gopher getter!


Santo baling hay


Lucy, Kollin, Gavin & Bronx


Santo & Gavin" wresling around


Santo & Gavin" hanging out


Kollin doing obedience with Zenda


Lady and Bronx playing soccer with the boys


First day of school, 2003
Gavin, Santo and Kollin waiting for the bus.


Lanna and the boys.


Basila and Santo telling secrets.


Three-way tug


Lanna at the Nationals 2004


Santo at the Fortissima Fun Match


First day of school, 2004


First day of school, 2005
Kollin, Santo, Gavin and Mya waiting for the bus.


Lucy the boss guarding the ball

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