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We are a boarding facility that boards dogs in the comfort of our home. Gratitude Farms focuses on an individual handling program, because of that we are able to accept dogs with any temperament. All dogs get playtime with other dogs of same temperament unless your dog cannot interact with another dog, in that case your dog will get one on one interaction and playtime with us. We do not charge anything extra for medications, walks or playtimes like many other boarding places. Dogs will be kept in a vari kennel fit to the dog when not being supervised by an adult and for the over night stay.

Price for 1 dog: $20/day
2 dogs same family: $35/day

We ask that you bring your pets food. Dogs that come without food will be fed Nutri Source and $2 will be added to the daily board.

We work with your schedule for dropping off and picking up your dog though any dog dropped off before 7:00 pm and picked up after 11:00 a.m., will be charged for that day.






Mark & Tammy Gimpl
22359 Bataan St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55011
(763) 413-1897

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