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Like father, like son
Rabo and Diesel


Gratitude's Rabo (male)
DOB: 11.08.03 / Weight: 170 pounds / Bite: Scissor / Hips: OFA EXCELLENT


Arcadyan's Tobey (female)
DOB: 6.30.05 / Weight: 130 pounds / Bite: scissor / Hips: PennHip left.41 right .37


Gratitude's Adonna
DOB: 5-01-08 / Bite: Level / Hips: OFA Good





Thor and Carter, Best Friends


Doug Weeks with his pup Jake


Diesel with his new big sister Cache

Mark & Tammy Gimpl
22359 Bataan St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55011
(763) 413-1897

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