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 Welcome to Gratitude Farms Cane Corsos and African Boerboels. We are located in East Bethel, Minnesota and are fortunate to own 40 acres of some of the most beautiful property with fields, trees and ponds as our 'doggy playground'. Our dogs are an extension of our family and are farm/family raised and socialized with our two boys along with being a part of our weekly training classes and the many football games, soccer games and community events that we are involved in. We are well known in our community as the "big dog owners". 

We are dedicated to breeding for type and health with exceptionally sound temperaments. We are also heavily involved in rescue work which started before we ever began breeding dogs. You are always welcome out to the 'farm' to meet and interact with the dogs but please wear your 'dog apparel' because our dogs like to get up close and personal and if you don't walk away with hair and slobber on your clothes you haven't truly experienced Gratitude Farms.

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Mark & Tammy Gimpl
22359 Bataan St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55011
(763) 413-1897

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