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Past Litters

Here you will see the type of Corso we produce. We would like to thank all of our extended Corso families for providing us with photos of their new loved ones.


Flora, owned by Kurt and Cindy Mashuga


Rex, owned by Sean and Danielle


Blue lovingly owned by Mary


Moscow with his girls 


Mercer waiting to go for a drive


Steven and Gratitude's Enzo


Gratitude's Rome and Gratitude's Paris


Sophie and Bella sharing a toy,
Owned by the Schmidt family in Wisconsin.


9 month old Luda (on the right)
..with owner Jake


..with owner Sam in Canada


Lily and Marcus
Lovingly owned by Ryan and Nicole


Mara and Capone
Owned by the Oliveraz family


Owned by the Buckner family
Wilson, NY


Bear, owned by Casey Rose


Jack, owned by Debbie and Jody Stevens


Micky, owned by Daniel Gallagher


Diesel, owned by Rob and Misty Barber


Sampson with Ralph Richardson and family


Pablo with owner Fran Smith

Mark & Tammy Gimpl
22359 Bataan St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55011
(763) 413-1897

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